New Flights to Barbados 2017

There are now many new flights to Barbados. Barbados is a jewel in the crown of the Caribbean. It is easy to see why Barbados is one of the top ten travel destinations in the world and why there are so many direct flights to Barbados. This beautiful island with its golden beaches, tropical foliage and bright blue skies is a wonder to behold. There is something so special about this island that it is infectious. The people are happy and friendly and that makes Barbados as a holiday destination one of the best in the world.

Fortunately, the airlines have realised that this is a place people want to visit and there are an abundance of new direct flights now on offer.

 From the UK British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways all operate direct flights to Barbados. British Airways flies 12 times a week from London Gatwick and Virgin Atlantic flies every day from London and twice weekly from Manchester in the winter months. 

Other airlines that fly direct into Barbados include:

  • American Airlines from Charlotte
  • Jet Blue from Boston
  • Jet Blue from Fort Lauderdale
  • Jet blue from Newark
  • Je tblue from Atlanta
  • Air Canada from Montreal
  • Westjet from Toronto
  • Condor from Frankfurt and from Munich
  • Avianca from Bogota
  • Delta flies from Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, Toronto, Detroit, Cincinnati, Denver, Washington, Chicago, Washington and Dallas


Multiple daily flights now operate from North America to Barbados. Take your pick from departure cities below: 


3 hours and 35 minutes from Miami, Florida on American Airlines.

3 hours and 36 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Jet Blue.

4 hours and 45 minutes from JFK, New York on Jet Blue.

5 hours and 39 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts on Jet Blue.

5 hours from Toronto and Montreal on Air Canada.


If you are a frequent visitor to Barbados and one of the many who return time and again it is now easier than ever to get there.

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