Four Reasons Why Barbados is the Perfect Destination for your Luxury Caribbean Holiday

Four Reasons to Holiday in Barbados.

With its beguiling natural beauty, powder white sands, inherently welcoming population, and long standing political and social stability, Barbados is frequently referred to as one of the worlds best places to live, vacation and retire. We thought we’d share our pick of the many reasons why.

1. The People.

We have said it before and we will say it again… and again! The people of Barbados are amongst the most wonderful in the world.

Since first visiting the island, its rich and sincere sense of community, coupled with the Bajans warmth, humour and charm has captured our hearts – and subsequently those of our family and friends. The locals of Barbados have a deep connection with their island and a desire for visitors and expats to share in this too. Barbados is an island on which you cannot help but feel at home.


2. The Climate.

Spanning  166 square miles Barbados  offers  a multitude of climatic wonders across its eleven geographical sub-regions, or Parishes. From stretches of immaculate white sand beach and secluded coves, to lush rolling fields, rugged shorelines and dramatic sweeping cliffs. One consistency is that wherever you are on the island a glimmer of the azure Caribbean Sea will not be too far out of sight.

As for the weather in Barbados. This also remains a fairly consistent, at around 27 degrees centigrade throughout the year and whilst it is more humid , with greater rainfall between the months of May and December there is still a lot of sunshine and warmth. Barbados is a travellers paradise offering both summer and winter sun. 


3. The Lifestyle. 

 Barbados allows for a greater richness of life. More quality time to grow, both intrinsically and with your family. Time to create and reflect on breathtaking moments without distractions of city noise or traffic. Opportunity to exercise outdoors year round, with the added inspiration of a stunning ocean backdrop. Chance to breath beautiful clean air, to see and meet the odd celebrity, to watch and partake in new and enriching activities or perfect your swing on one of many championship golf courses across the island. The possibility to eat anywhere from a beach-side rum shack to a five star restaurant, and the option to re-join the rest of the world with a direct flight when ever you so choose.












4. The Experiences.  

No matter what your passion, we think you will find that whilst in Barbados you can fulfill it. Immerse yourself in the history of each Parish and explore some of the oldest buildings on the island, the Parish Church. Take a trip to the enchanting Harrisons Cave. Delight in fine dining at one of many five star restaurants, such as The Lone Star in St James which serves a seasonal menu of eclectic dishes complimented by wonderful views of the ocean. Dabble in diving. Dream the days away on an expansive stretch of secluded white sand beach. Take a hike around the mountainous regions of Barbados’s South Coast. Capture the island’s beauty by camera, or other creative medium of your choosing. Become involved with the community and Bajan Charity sector. Enjoy a good rally at Sugar Hill Tennis Center. Set sail on the Caribbean’s crystal clear waters by Catamaran, or jet ski if its adrenaline that you are after. In Barbados opportunities are endless.

To learn more about Barbados Hoiday Experiences and talk to us about your requirements, contact us. 

Holiday in Barbados take pride in offering luxury holiday experiences in Barbados, custom tailored to the needs of each of our clients. We strive to ensure that your holiday will leave you with memories to treasure for a lifetime and with our extensive experience in property sales and rentals coupled with a personal love for the island of Barbados you can simply sit back, begin the all important task of packing and rest assured that when booking through Holiday in Barbados you will enjoy a dream Barbados vacation. 

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